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Omega Descaler
Ultrasonic Cleaner

Omega Descaler is an ultrasonic cleaner formulated to remove rust, corrosion, heat scale and mineral deposits from a variety of metals. Excellent when used... 1688-5295 - (more info)


4+ 39.40 ea
16+ 35.02 ea
144+ 30.65 ea

*HAZMAT, ORM-D, or Limited Quantity Item

Omega AquaClean LPH
Ultrasonic Cleaner

Omega AquaClean LPH Ultrasonic Cleaner is a mild alkaline pH solution designed to clean electronic equipment and components in an ultrasonic tank. Also eff... 1683-5391 - (more info)


4+ 23.56 ea
16+ 20.94 ea
144+ 18.33 ea

Smoke Remover and Cleaner

OmegaSmoke smoke remover and cleaner is a broad-use solution for ultrasonic cleaners designed to remove smoke and soot from contents damaged in a fire. Whe... 1684-5291 - (more info)


4+ 27.52 gl
16+ 24.46 gl
144+ 21.41 gl

*HAZMAT, ORM-D, or Limited Quantity Item

Multi-Vac VACOMEGAH Portable Abatement Vacuum, 5.2 amp, 110 volt, 628 watt, 1 gal, < 73 dB, 6 ft Hose

The Omega vacuum features a self-contained hepa filter system that captures hazardous particles as small as 0.3 microns at 99.97% efficiency. Each vacuum i... 54130 - (more info)

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