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Extech Water Damage Restoration Kit

Water Damage Restoration Kit Monitor job site conditions, progress and insurance company reporting. Includes: Pinless Moisture Meter - allows you t... AC120 - (more info)

Delmhorst BD2100

Delmhorst BD2100 For Easy, Accurate Evaluation of Structural Materials Measuring, recording and tracking the moisture content of structural materials is ... AC8210 - (more info)

Zefon Z045BA Air Sampling Cassette, 25 mm Dia, 0.45 - 5 um Pore, Green

Zefon PCM and TEM 25 mm air sampling cassettes are designed and manufactured to meet all applicable. The cassette housings are injection molded in-house an... 55297 - (more info)

Tramex CME4 Concrete Moisture Meter, Analog, 0 to 6% Moisture Content, 0-100 Reference Scale, 9 Volt

A handheld electronic moisture meter used for testing moisture conditions in concrete and other floor slabs and screeds. Versatile, precise and easy to use... A68430 - (more info)

Meters and Testing Extech Instruments EasyView 405756

EXTECH EA31 LIGHT METER EASY VIEW 30 SERIES... 1626-0123 - (more info)



LAKELAND 41822TH-29121 Sleeve with Thumb Hole, 18 Inch L x 2-Ply T, Kevlar

Lakeland Kevlar aramid fiber sleeve provides excellent cut resistance for hand and arm protection products. Offering outstanding cut resistance combined wi... 40384 - (more info)

SystemSURE Plus - ATP Monitoring System 1640-1541
ATP Meter

SystemSURE Plus™ ATP Monitoring System SystemSURE Plus is the next generation of the world's best-selling SystemSURE II ATP hygiene monitoring syst... AC8461 - (more info)

Water Hardness Test Tape

Test tape changes color for the rapid estimation of water hardness. Easily tell when water softener should be changed.... AX112 - (more info)
10+ 16.54 ea

Hawk A0032-1P Horse Shoe, 17 - 20 Inch L, For Use with Brute Floor Machine 1609-1454

25 lb. horse shoe weight for 17 inch or 20 inch, Hawk Brute severe duty floor machines. These weights mount on the Hawk pin kit on your machine. Note: Hawk... 1609-1454 - (more info)

BlackHawk Floor Machine, 17 Inch, 1.5 hp 1614-1970

Realize maximum power with the twin capacitor, black AC motor and Hawk’s ruggedly reliable floor machine design! Machine operators will appreciate th... 1614-1970 - (more info)

Prep/Master STI2818LP-T Dual Head Floor Grinder, 18 hp, 2200 - 3650 Rpm

Ideal for projects less than 5000 sf / 500m2, this grinder is popular among residential contractors. Its lighter weight and smaller footprint all... A69067 - (more info)

Delmhorst Electrode Pins 1656-3734

Delmhorst Electorde Pins Pins for 2-E, 4-E, 4-EH, 15-E *Also used on J Series and Paper Meters.... AC8250 - (more info)

Dri-Eaz F511 Replaceable Extraction Tool, 61 Inch x 15 Inch x 0.035 Inch, For Use with F479 HVE 3000 Flood Extractor/Truckmount Booster

The extraction tool delivers powerful flood extraction fast. The unit’s patent-pending glide creates a powerful seal to compress the carpet and maximize ... 1666-0437 - (more info)

KleenRite 20256FLOOD S-Bend Extractor Wand, For Use with Mega Flood Extractor, Stainless Steel

KleenRite S-Bend Extractor Wand, For Use With Mega Flood Extractor, Stainless Steel, 28 Inch Length x 17.7 Inch Width x 38 Inch Height... 54630 - (more info)

National Flooring Equipment 6240 Heavy Duty Floor Scraper Blade, 6 Inch L x 4 Inch W x 0.094 Inch T

This heavy duty blade is flexible and delivers jobsite versatility. Made with national’s proven blade hardening process, these blades will stay sharper l... A35120 - (more info)

STI FL-07 Full Face Semi-Metal Polishing Pad, 3 Inch Dia, #5C/200 Grit

Specially formulated for concrete - ground with metal bond diamonds for the absolute best finish or use the lux pad as a finishing tool for that extra &quo... A55581 - (more info)

STI 570220000 2-Segment Hardest Bond EG Prep Tool with Quick Change, 25 Grit, Crushed Polycrystalline Diamond, Gray

EG prep tools metal bond diamond TrapezoidsNot recommended when polishing is to be providedColor coded for easy identificationQuick change attachmentApplic... A77107 - (more info)

Piranha Redi Lock 543086611 Double Quarter Round PCD Insert, For Use with PG 820 or PG 680 Counter Clockwise Machine

Husqvarna’s specially formulated grade of Piranha PCD diamond scraper inserts ensure maximum wear and productivity for aggressive removal of hard-to-remo... 1613-0623 - (more info)

Husqvarna PG 820 Planetary Surface Grinder, 220 - 240 volt, 43 amp, 17 hp, 250 - 1100 Rpm, Ergonomic, Aluminum Housing

The Husqvarna PG 820 is the largest in the range of surface preparations and finishing machines. Equipped with dual drive Technology the PG 820 is among th... 1697-0218 - (more info)

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