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TruckMount Forums - Ride Along Training Video 1667-2747

Item No. LTMF200

"This is hands down the best carpet cleaning dvd ever made for our industry. Rob you somehow managed to do what no one has ever done: capture a "true in home" carpet cleaning experience. On top of it you made it entertaining, informative and practical. The HD editing is like nothing we have ever seen. The most remarkable thing is you remove assumptive management from any company that views it. It is so well done that we cannot 'trump' it. Congrats!" -Doyle Bloss HydraMaster

"I think Rob Allen's Ride A Long video is very well done. Any cleaner could benefit from this tool." -Howard Partridge


Customer Reviews...

  Excellent carpet cleaning training video.
Hello, Great job on this DVD Rob! I think it was really well done and covered all the basics to get started into the carpet cleaning industry.

Patrick - Truck Mount Forums Member

If you want to polish your business skills in the Carpet, Tile and Upholstery Cleaning business then this is the video for you! Rob Allen is a true Master of his trade and he teaches you the same skills in this high quality video! Whether new to this industry or a seasoned veteran, you will greatly benefit from the information Rob shares in his Ride Along video!

Bob K - Truck Mount Forums Member

  Outstanding !!!
This DVD brings home the point that you can be the best dam cleaner out there, however without those good old bed side manners dealing with the public you can still lose the customer.

Mike - Truck Mount Forums Member

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