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Select Pro Carpet Extraction Detergent A90929
Alkaline Liquid Carpet

Item No. CC507GL

Select Pro Carpet Extraction Detergent combines the cleaning power of extraction powders with the instant solubility of a liquid. It is very aggressive on all types of soil, yet safe for your customer's carpets and for your machinery. Select Pro Carpet Extraction Detergent will effectively remove even the most deeply imbedded soils. It is very economical to use, yet uncompromising in results. Select Pro will tackle the toughest cleaning situations as it powers out everything from greasy restaurant soils to the dirtiest apartment carpets. Yet, its ready-to-use pH is within the recommended cleaning guidelines for warranted residential stain resistant carpets. It also provides corrosion protection for your equipment components and fittings. It is cost efficient due to its ultra-concentrated formula, providing for lower cost per use. Its unique blend leaves no soil attracting residue, leaving the carpet cleaned and refreshed.

Dilution Ratios: 2 oz./5 gal. RTU pH: 9.5-9.9 Contains: 1 gallon


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