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Flex 1672-2819
Heavy-Duty Traffic Lane Cleaner

Item No. CC22PL

Flex is what you need when it's time to bring in the heavy artillery. Flex is the strongest liquid prespray in the Bridgepoint Systems line. Flex dissolves soils and oils so quickly, that on some carpets, you can actually see it working.

If you prefer powders, and the boost of Citrus Solv, check out our top-selling Flex Powder with Citrus Solv.

    • Nuke it clean with high powered carpet prespray for severely soiled carpets
    • As soon as you apply it, you can start to see it dissolve soil right before your eyes
    • Ideal prespray for apartments, synthetic commercial carpets, and bringing dead carpets back to life
    • Special blend of surfactants, alkaline builders, and boosters

Dilution Ratios: 16 oz./gal. RTU pH: 12.5 Contains: 5 gallons

"We at Shaw Industries believe that the use of Bridgepoint Systems products as part of a proper maintenance process (or program) will help ensure that your carpet meets your highest expectations. We highly recommend the use of their low-moisture system with a cylindrical brushing machine called Brush Pro for interim maintenance and have also have found Bridgepoint Systems products designed for restoration cleaning of your commercial carpets to be some of the best products in the industry."

--Charlie Rollins; Director of Product Support, Shaw Industries, Inc.

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