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Hydro Break 1616-1236
Super Base

Item No. CC16PL

This formula is comprised of the raw materials that, with the addition of 50 gallons of water, constitute 55 gallons of regular Hydro-Break concentrate. This product is available for those who wish to maximize profit.

FEATURES/BENEFITS: SUSPENDS SOIL: Hydro-Break requires no additional chemicals to aid performance. It actually penetrates pores of the surface being cleaned, surrounds the soil particles, lifts them away and holds them in suspension for removal or rinsing.

FAST: Hydro-Break goes to work on greasy soils the second it is applied. Highly active surfactants coupled with water-soluble solvents, cut through layers of old oxidized oils and grease to bring quicker and more efficient cleaning.

SAFE: Hydro-Break has a controlled pH under 10. It is safe to use on most fabrics where water is safe.

FREE RINSING: Hydro-Break will not contribute to resoiling. When used as a traffic lane cleaner, Hydro-Break will easily rinse from the carpet along with the soil. When bonnet cleaning, Hydro-Break residue will not attract soil when dry.

OTHER INFO: Hydro-Break is an advanced cleaning formulation used as a traffic lane cleaner, pre-conditioning spray, and bonnet cleaner. Hydro-Break is manufactured with the highest standards of quality and is safe on carpet when used as directed.

Dilution Ratios: 4-6 oz./gal. RTU pH: 9.5 Contains: 5 gallons


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