Professional Carpet Cleaning Supply

LineVacer Wand and Turbo Tool

Item No. AV62BB

LineVacer Wand and Turbo Tool ("Beater Bar")

Helps Meet New EPA Lead Removal Requirements

The EPA now requires the use of a "beater bar" to assist in lead removal from carpets. The LineVacer toolkit contains a cylindrical brush roll powered by the vacuum's airflow that helps to increase lead removal. This kit is designed to be used with the AV62 - LineVacer Backpack Vacuum.

In all cases, the user is responsible to read and follow the EPA regulations relative to the specific application for which they are using the vacuum to determine if they are in compliance with the regulation.

The toolkit contains the following items:
  • 11" Turbo Brush
  • 54" 2-Piece, 1-Bend, Button Lock, Friction-Fit Wand
  • 5" Upholstery Tool
  • 3" Dust Brush w/Reducer
  • 17" Crevice Tool

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