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QC Slammer Pressure Reliever 1663-3632

Item No. AH050

QC Slammer Pressure Reliever -- Easily Relieve Pressure from Solution Hose

Groan!! We've all done it. It's that frustrating moment when you realize you didn't relieve the pressure in your solution hose before disconnecting it from your tool. Because you didn't relieve the pressure, the force of that high pressure will prevent you from connecting your female quick connect to a male quick connect. This is a problem when cleaning tile and grout because equipment is run at pressures of 1,000 PSI or higher, and at this pressure it's very difficult to reconnect your hose to equipment.

Now there's an easy way to quickly relieve pressure from your solution hose! The handy key chain lets you attach it to your portable, truckmount, belt loop or wherever is convenient.


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