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Velo HEPA Kit 1641-1252

Item No. AC667

Velo and Velo Pro HEPA Kit

With the HEPA Kit, customers can now use the Velo and Velo Pro for general air scrubbing in restorative drying, fire and smoke remediation, mold remediation, remodels and new construction any situation requiring professional indoor air quality control.

  • Even with the Velo, it's half the weight of standard HEPA units!
  • Installs in minutes no tools needed.
  • Ideal for pet dander control.
  • Carry one less piece of equipment to the job.
  • Works with both Velo or Velo Pro models.
  • Minimal impact on Velo airflow.
  • Get high quality air filtration at 15% of the cost of a standard HEPA air scrubber.

Easy Maintenance

Change prefilter cover whenever dust accumulation is visible. Refills sold serparately.


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