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Chemsafe No Odor Mastic Remover - 5 Gallon Pail/Clear

Item No. 57770

Chemsafe Mastic Remover is C.A.R.B. / OTC Compliant

The Chemsafe No Odor Mastic Remover is an excellent carpet glue remover. The mastic remover comes in a 5 Gallon Pail. The formulation is clear with no flashpoint and is C.A.R.B & OTC Compliant.

Technical Specifications

General IDCarpet Glue Remover
ColorClear Liquid
Flash PointNo flash at boil.
CoverageVarious depending upon conditions and usage
Vapor Density (air=1)>1
Solubility in WaterComplete
Specific Gravity (water=1)1.01
Percent Volatile<20
Evaporation Rate(butyl acetate=1)<1
Boiling Range212OF
Vapor Pressure (mm hg)N/A
Clean UpWater
Shelf Life1 Year
Shipping Class55
Shipping Weight5 gal. = 45 lbs.
55 gal. = 490 lbs.
DOT Shipping NameCleaning Compound, Liquid
DOT Hazard ClassNon-Hazardous

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