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Chemsafe 100 Low Odor Mastic Remover - 55 Gallon Drum

Item No. 57260

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Product Description:

Chemsafe® 100C HP Low Odor Mastic/Adhesive Remover is a specifically formulated product developed by Chemsafe Brands for use in the quick and efficient removal of asphaltic floor tile mastic. Chemsafe 100C HP is a CARB / OTC Compliant version of Chemsafe 100 HP. Chemsafe 100C HP is for use by contractors who have developed more production line type removal processes where removal time is optimized. This fast-acting emulsifiable solvent quickly dissolves floor tile mastic and is equally efficient in removing spray adhesive and natural pastes and glues on tough asbestos abatement jobs. The high penetrant content quickly softens the mastic (or adhesive) within minutes of complete saturation, and in many instances, can be completely liquefied using a squeegee or push broom. In addition, the special emulsifiers found in Chemsafe 100C HP assist in it's high rinse ability.

Directions for Use:

Saturate mastic to be removed manually or with a garden sprayer. Allow time for remover to penetrate and soften mastic. Dislodge with stiff broom and/or squeegee, repeat if necessary. Thoroughly rinse, wash, and/or clean treated surface upon completion of job. Surface must be completely rinsed clean and allowed to dry before any replacement materials can be installed. Dispose of in accor- dance with federal, state and local regulations.

Technical Specifications

General IDHydrocarbon Mixture
OdorVery Light Solvent
ColorBlue Liquid
Flash Point?141OF
Coverage75-100 sq. ft./gal
Vapor Density (air=1)>1
Solubility in WaterEmulsifies in water
Specific Gravity (water=1)Chemsafe 100 .8077
Chemsafe 100C .8277
Percent Volatile90-99
Evaporation Rate (butyl acetate=1)<1
Boiling Range>300OF
Vapor Pressure(mm hg)Chemsafe 100 <1
Chemsafe 100C CARB/OTC Compliant
Clean UpWater & Detergent
ApplicationManual or Airless
Shelf Life1 Year
Shipping Class55
Shipping Weight55 gal. = 415 lbs.
DOT Shipping NameCombustible Liquid NOS

Size: 55 Gallon Drum


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