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Omega AquaClean LPH 1683-5391
Ultrasonic Cleaner

Item No. 1683-5391

Omega AquaClean LPH Ultrasonic Cleaner is a mild alkaline pH solution designed to clean electronic equipment and components in an ultrasonic tank. Also effective at removing solder flux residue. Omega AquaClean LPH is safer on all surfaces that can be cleaned in water or any surface that may be damaged in a high pH solution.

  • Removes soot, smoke odors and all other contaminates caused by fire damage.
  • Use on electronic items including circuit boards.
  • Safer for other delicate contents that could be harmed by high pH or more aggressive solutions.

Unique surfactant blend includes non-ionics for degreasing and cationics for attracting fine particulates like soot assisting in their removal.

Dilution Ratio 4 to 6 ounces per RTU gallon Ready to Use pH 9.5 to 9.8


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