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ChemSafe Green D Concentrated All-Purpose Cleaner, 1 gal, Green, Liquid, Root Beer, pH 10.8 - 11.1, 1.010 SG

Item No. 1642-0008

Chemsafe Green-D is a powerfully concentrated degreaser that is simple to use. Simply dilute with water to desired concentrations, spray and wipe away. Chemsafe Green-D can be used on multiple surfaces, such as: walls, floors, plastics, stainless steel, carbon steel, painted surfaces, ceramics, porcelain, etc. Chemsafe Green-D is CARB/otc and Ladco compliant and can be used in all CARB regulated states.ChemSafe All-Purpose Cleaner, Concentrated, 1 gal, Liquid, Green, Root Beer Odor/Scent, 1.010 Specific Gravity, 10.8 - 11.1 pH

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