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Citrus Solv II Cleaning Booster And Fragrance Additive 1621-5372
1 gallon

Item No. 1621-5372

Citrus Solv II is a powerful general-purpose degreaser and citrus fragrance additive for carpet and upholstery cleaning solutions. Citrus Solv II takes all the features customers loved about the original Citrus Solv, especially its natural orange scent and powerful degreasing, and improves them using the latest advancements in chemistry.

Longer-lasting fragrance. Everyone loves how a room smells like an orange grove when cleaned with Citrus Solv. To make the freshly squeezed orange smell even better, we've doubled the amount of natural orange oil in Citrus Solv II.

Improved grease cutting. We've added in a new surfactant that is developed specifically for emulsifying oils and will add a significant boost to any prespray.

More water soluble for improved rinsing. The new Citrus Solv II not only goes into your water-based cleaners faster, it also rinses out better, so you can be confident that it won't contribute to resoiling.

Add to your favorite prespray for a cleaning and fragrance boost that your customers will love and remember.


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