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Air King Pivoting Utility Blower

Item No. ac081

The Right Tool for the Job!

Air King Pivoting Utility Blower!

Sometimes you need a sledgehammer and sometimes a framing hammer.  It's the same when it comes to air movers!

The three-speed Air King Air Mover fits a perfect niche when you need to direct airflow into small areas such as closets, bathrooms, inside cabinets, crawl spaces, etc.  It's also perfect for drying furniture, mattresses and other contents.

Air King air movers are extremely versatile with an infinite number of blower head positions and very low amp draw. You can even daisy chain up to 18 blowers together on a single 15 amp circuit!  Simply plug one blower into the wall, then string more blowers - one plugged into another!  The Air King delivers 1220FPM on high, 1025FPM on medium and 768FPM on low.

  • Maximum air velocity! Air King is still pushing air 50 feet from the unit!
  • Direct air where needed with an infinite number of blower head positions
  • Speed dry upholstery and carpet after cleaning or when spotting
  • Flash dry hard surfaces after cleaning and mopping, or when applying floor finishes
  • Use to cool you while working in the heat
  • Plug other electrical tools directly into the Air King
  • Flood restoration! Low amps+high air velocity+small size = quick structural drying!
  • Rugged, easy to carry handle

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