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Dri-Eaz Big Gulp 4500

The Big Gulp 4500 Purpose-built power for flood extraction Big Gulp 4500 provides high velocity and quick-recovery water removal in homes, businesses, pr... MD03 - (more info)

Sapphire Scientific 370SS Truckmount

Sapphire 370SS Truckmount All the power, half the space. Tapping into the 30+ years of experience of well-known industry truckmount experts, the patent-pending 370SS design employs trusted components combined with ingenious uses of space and high-efficiency heat exchange to simplify operation and maintenance and ensure the longest service life at lower cost. Utilizing a unique patent-pending heat diverter system t... MS370 - (more info)

Sapphire Scientific 460SS Truckmount

Sapphire Scientific 460 New truckmount offers maximum cleaning power at an affordable price! The 460 features a 38 HP Kohler EPA-certified gas powered engine with the power, performance and reliability professional cleaners need to get the job done right. Sapphire's "Everyone Qualifies" financing offer applies! See below. Bring reliable performance to every cleaning job! The heart of this high-performance truck... MS460 - (more info)

Sapphire Scientific 570SS Truckmount

Sapphire 570SS Premier Truckmount Latest heat exchange technology for amazing temperature consistency Looking for the added performance available from a liquid-cooled power plant? The 570SS truckmount offers all the advantages of the Sapphire line high performance, high heat, and durable build plus advanced triple-source heat cogeneration to produce steady, powerful heat for fast, consistent cleaning. And Sapphire's ... MS570 - (more info)

Sapphire Scientific 870SS Truckmount

870SS High Pressure Truckmount Delivering more heat, more vacuum and more pressure. For the most reliable pressure, heat and vacuum, choose the 870SS. Sapphire employs premium components throughout including the commercial-grade Ford TSG-416 powerplant for durability and performance. And the unit's triple-source heat cogeneration delivers a deep and consistent clean even on the largest jobs. Features & Benefits: ... MS870 - (more info)

Sapphire Scientific Rage Truckmount

Rage Outrageous quality. Outrageous value. Thinking about setting up a truckmount-based carpet cleaning business? Want to graduate from portables to truckmount performance? Need to expand your business at a lower cost? Get the Rage, offering high quality components and superior engineering in a truly affordable package as low as $10 per day with Sapphire financing. Features & Benefits: Value-priced with superior... MSRAGE - (more info)

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