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Perky Groom Carpet Grooming Rake - 12" A56558

Perky Groom Carpet Rake - 12" A low-priced alternative to the Grandi Groom, the carpet rake used by thousands of professionals and homeowners all over the... AB22 - (more info)
12+ 16.13 ea
48+ 14.86 ea
96+ 13.55 ea

Spotting Brush with Wood Handle

This wood-handled spotting brush has nylon bristles to give extra stiffness and long life, and is a required part of any professional spotting kit. The bru... AB10 - (more info)

Hand-Fit Horsehair Brush

The horsehair bristles on this brush are securely held in place with stainless steel staples, and the block is solid polypropylene. Thousands of bristles s... AB09 - (more info)

Handi Groom

Handi Groom This all-purpose hand held groomer is for stairs, automobile carpet, fringes on orientals and many other uses. The special "Spatula" on the h... AB20 - (more info)
12+ 11.85 ea
48+ 10.94 ea
96+ 10.40 ea

Dry Cleaning Sponge 1678-1902
Individually Wrapped

Dry Cleaning Sponges Also known as "chemical sponges," these natural rubber sponges are designed to remove soot from fires in a dry state. The tiny porous... AX26 - (more info)
36+ 2.79 ea
216+ 2.65 ea
576+ 2.52 ea

Regular Horsehair Brush

Horse hair utility brush Pre-condition your upholstery without harming the fabric. For comfort and economy, this is the brush!... AB08 - (more info)

Utility Scrub Brush 1666-2621

White nylon bristles are held in a molded, chemical-resistant block that will not crack, deteriorate, or wear out. Upswept handle eliminates skinned knuckl... AB14 - (more info)

Nap Brush with Handle

Nap Grooming Brush for Plush and Commercial Carpet The best option for grooming smooth plush carpet! This brush will set the nap after cleaning and may al... AB18 - (more info)

General Purpose Sponge

These general use sponges are great for applying all creams, finishes, colors and some spotters. Approximately 2" 2" 5 ". CLEANING ACCESSORY... AU29 - (more info)

Fixi-Clamp 8 Ft. Extension Pole

Get a grip on those hard-to-reach cleaning problems. The Fixi-Clamp grips sponges, rags, chamois and mops simply by tightening the locking collar. Combine ... AX66 - (more info)


The HydroForce Towel ClipKeep your spotting towel handy and keep your pants dry! This powerful clip attaches to your belt loop and holds your towel securel... AX87 - (more info)

Large Horsehair Brush 1629-0482

Thousands of bristle ends stay in contact with the upholstery, even when the brush is wet. This is the best overall brush for upholstery agitation!... AB06 - (more info)

Hand Fit Scrub Brush

Designed to be used on a wide range of carpet and durable upholstery fibers. DuPont nylon bristles and plastic block. Excellent for hard surface restoratio... AB12 - (more info)

Grandi Groom Brush 18 In. - Head Only 1628-2117

Grandi Groom Brush Head - Head Only This carpet-grooming rake is used by more professional carpet cleaners than any other! The Grandi Brush is a versatil... AB30 - (more info)
12+ 21.63 ea
48+ 20.01 ea
96+ 18.24 ea

Grandi Groom Dual-Head (conversion kit)

Grandi Brush Conversion KitThe conversion kit is the latest and greatest idea to make your current Grandi Groom double as a nap brush.Secure the Grandi Bru... AB32 - (more info)
12+ 30.49 ea
48+ 28.42 ea
96+ 24.52 ea

Lamb's Wool Duster

Natural lamb's wool dusters are excellent for removal of light smoke, dust and soils from walls. When soiled, simply wash, dry and reuse. Pole telescopes f... AX07 - (more info)

Treated Dust Cloth

This 18" x 24" disposable dust cloth attracts smoke, dust and fire residue. Use them to wipe clean a variety of surfaces and then simply throw them away wh... AX08 - (more info)

Fixi-Clamp 18 Ft. Extension Pole

Get a grip on those hard-to-reach cleaning problems. The Fixi-Clamp grips sponges, rags, chamois and mops simply by tightening the locking collar. Combine ... AX64 - (more info)

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