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Flojet Pump 100 PSIDemand Flow

100 psi Demand flow 2.0 gpm with 115 VAC motor - 1.0 amp - EPDMChemical resistant diaphragm pump Carpet and upholstery extractors - Olympus M100 & M100... AP25 - (more info)

Flojet Pump 55PSI Internal By-Pass

Flojet model ET508224-HP - 55psi 0.40gpm open flow, 115VAC, Viton elastomers, 1/8" NPT Female ports - chemical resistant pump for spotting machines.... AP30 - (more info)

Flojet Pump 40PSI Demand Flow

Replacement pump for AP36 Water Pressure Pumping System 40psi 4.5gpm maximum flow, 12VDC 12amps max, Demand switch, EPDM valves, Santoprene diaphragm, 3/4"... AP34 - (more info)

Flojet Pump 60PSI Demand Flow

Flojet model 2100-032 - 60psi 1.8gpm maximum flow, 115VAC 0.55amp, Demand switch, Santoprene valves, Santoprene diaphragm, 3/8" NPT Female ports - Chemical... AP20 - (more info)

Flojet Pump 50PSI Internal By-Pass

50 PSI Internal By-Pass - 1.4 GPM12 VDC MotorViton Diaphragm & Check Valves Valve Chamber: PF20914-002AUpper Housing: PFDH31V131Cam & Diaphragm Ki... AP21 - (more info)

Flojet Pump 100PSI Demand Flow

Flojet model 2130-032 - 95psi 1.8gpm maximum flow, 115VAC 1.2amp, Demand switch, EPDM valves, EPDM diaphragm, 1/4" NPT Female ports - chemical resistant pu... AP22 - (more info)

Flojet Pump 30PSI Demand Flow

30 PSI Demand Flow - 1.2 GPM115 VAC motor - 0.5 AmpEPDM - Chemical Resistant DiaphragmDemand Switch: PF02090-117Valve Chamber: PF20914-003AUpper Housing: P... AP23 - (more info)

Flojet Pump 100PSI Demand/By-Pass

Flojet model 2130-517 - 95psi 1.6gpm maximum flow, 115VAC 1.20amp, Demand switch with limited internal bypass, EPDM valves, EPDM diaphragm, 1/4" NPT Female... AP24 - (more info)

Flojet Pump 45PSI Demand Flow

FLOJET 4300 Fresh Water Transfer Pump 12VDC Switched Pump Specifications: Flojet Model 4300-142 45psi 3.5gpm maximum flow 12VDC 12amps Demand swi... AP26 - (more info)

Flojet Pump 100PSI Demand Flow

Flojet model D1735J7011 - 100psi 2.2gpm maximum flow, 230VAC 0.50amp, Demand switch, Viton valves, EPDM diaphragm, 3/8" NPT Female ports, chemical resistan... AP27 - (more info)


Flojet model D3732V1311 - 45psi 1.5gpm maximum flow, 230VAC, Internal bypass, Viton valves, Viton diaphragm, 3/8" NPT Female ports - Highly chemical & ... AP29 - (more info)

Flojet Pump 50PSI Internal By-Pass

Flojet Pump - 50psi, 115VAC... AP31 - (more info)

Flojet Pump 50PSI Demand Flow

Flojet model D3131V5011 - 50psi 1.6gpm maximum flow - 12VDC, Demand switch, Viton valves, Viton diaphragm, 3/8" NPT Female ports - Highly chemical & so... AP33 - (more info)

Flojet Pump 150PSI Demand Flow

Flojet 150 PSI Pump 115 VAC 1.0 Amps 1.4 GPM A great upgrade for any 100 psi portable machine.... AP35 - (more info)

Flojet Fresh H2O Booster

Fresh Water Booster System - This unit is used to transfer water from a fresh water tank to any machine. The bladder collapses under the pump pressure and ... AP36 - (more info)

Flojet Pump 35PSI Demand Flow

Used to transfer water from fresh water tank to waterbox. No expansion tank or bladder is required. 35 PSI Demand flow 3.7 GPM 12 VDC 8.0 AMP motor VSD sen... AP38 - (more info)


Flojet Pump Head for AP28 50psi Bypass Pump.... NM3033 - (more info)


Flojet 50 PSI Pump Motor for AP28... NM3035 - (more info)


Viton Diaphragm Kit for AP28 Flojet Pumps.... NM3036 - (more info)

Pressure Switch 60 psi Flojet AP33

Pressure Switch for Flojet AP33 60 PSI Pumps.... PF02090-100 - (more info)

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