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Avenge HD Odorless Fabric Prespray 1622-1929
Heavy Duty Fabric Presprayspan

Uses the grease-cutting ability of ammonia without the noxious fumes. You won't believe what this heavy-duty prespray does to built up body oils, food and ... CU21GL - (more info)
4+ 22.24 gl
16+ 19.77 gl
144+ 17.30 gl

Premium Grout Brush
9 inch

Premium Grout Brush This new premium grout brush has stiffer bristles in a tapered configuration that allows you to brush hard into the smallest crevices ... AB35 - (more info)

Avenge Fabric Prespray
Liquid Preconditioner for Fine Fabrics

Designed specifically for upholstery fabrics, Avenge Fabric Prespray can be used on fine natural fabrics or the filthy synthetics that plague professionals... CU20GL - (more info)
4+ 22.56 gl
16+ 20.06 gl
144+ 17.55 gl

Hand-Fit Horsehair Brush

The horsehair bristles on this brush are securely held in place with stainless steel staples, and the block is solid polypropylene. Thousands of bristles s... AB09 - (more info)

Handi Brush

Handi Groom Brush A short, soft bristle light-weight brush excellent for cleaning automotive fabrics, upholstery, velvet fabrics, Oriental, Persian and qu... AB34 - (more info)
12+ 10.27 ea
48+ 9.55 ea
96+ 8.62 ea

Dry Cleaning Sponge

Dry Cleaning Sponges Also known as "chemical sponges", these natural rubber sponges are designed to remove soot from fires in a dry state.  The tiny ... AX26 - (more info)
36+ 2.68 ea
216+ 2.54 ea
576+ 2.42 ea

Maxim Advanced for Upholstery with Dye-Loc
Upholstery Protector

Another Revolutionary Bridgepoint Systems Innovation! If you ve hesitated about offering your customers upholstery protection those days are over! Bridgep... CP01GL - (more info)
4+ 46.46 gl
16+ 41.30 gl
144+ 36.13 gl

Avenge Clean Rinse
Neutral Extraction Emulsifier

Designed to work with the two Avenge Preconditioners, this rinse contains detergency of its own. It's formulated to rinse away soil and chemical residue th... CU24GL - (more info)
4+ 23.94 gl
16+ 21.28 gl
144+ 18.62 gl

Fabric Shampoo
Expert Upholstery Cleaning Formula

Fabric Shampoo revitalizes and brightens nylon, acrylic, cotton, wool and many other fiber types. It provides maximum safety from shrinking, color bleeding... CU61GL - (more info)
4+ 24.91 gl
16+ 22.14 gl
144+ 19.38 gl

Anti-Back Off Trigger Sprayer - 32 Oz.

Trigger Sprayer -Ergonomic -Anti-back-off locking mechanism when used with special 32 oz. -High output on mist setting -Quick priming -Chemical resistant T... AS24 - (more info)

Hydra Sponge

The first and only synthetic sponge built to perform like a natural sponge. The Hydra Sponge holds extra water, creates a rich foam, is extremely durable, ... AU28 - (more info)

Bone Scraper

The professional spotting tool. This tool is used to agitate and work chemical into a spot and lift off excess material. Impervious to the different spotti... AU32 - (more info)

Hydro-Kinetic Upholstery Cleaning Tool

Hydro-Kinetic™ Upholstery Cleaning Tool The most innovative upholstery cleaning tool ever developed! The Hydro-Kinetic Upholstery Tool remains the ... AW58 - (more info)

4 Ounce Measuring Cup

Stop the "Glug, Glug" method of measuring chemicals. Each cup is calibrated for exact measuring. Don't guess or make a mess, use the right tool and quit wa... AX18 - (more info)
6+ 1.79 ea

No Bleed Rinse

This unique, patented formula prevents color bleeding in multi-colored carpet or fabric. For fabrics that bleed instantly, prespray with Dye-Loc before beg... CR14QT - (more info)
12+ 25.88 ea
48+ 23.00 ea
528+ 20.13 ea

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