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End Zone 1677-2612
Extraction Emulsifier and Neutralizer

Deep Clean and Acid Rinse in One Step! End Zone is both an extraction emulsifier and an acid rinse that leaves carpets squeaky clean and prevents resoilin... CC05GL - (more info)
4+ 27.23 ea
16+ 24.20 ea
144+ 21.18 ea

Grandi Groom Carpet Rake 58080

Grandi Groom - 18" Carpet Rake This carpet rake is used by more professional carpet cleaners than any other! The Grandi Groom is a versatile tool that ca... AB24 - (more info)
12+ 21.45 ea
48+ 19.73 ea
96+ 18.07 ea

Maxim Advanced Carpet Protector 1687-2119
Carpet Protector

Maxim™ Advanced for Better ProtectionMaxim™ Advanced uses the latest technology to deliver the very best levels of protection available. Not on... CP04GL - (more info)
4+ 52.02 gl
16+ 46.24 gl
144+ 40.46 gl

Citrus Solv 1695-1600
Cleaning Booster and Fragrance Additive

100% Active for Extra Cleaning Power!Degreaser & Fragrance Additive Our most effective, best selling additive.  Citrus Solv is a must whenever yo... CR08QT - (more info)
12+ 22.84 qt
48+ 20.30 qt
528+ 17.77 qt

Fab-Set A70266
Acid Rinse & Neutralizer

Our Premium Liquid Acid Neutralizer & Rinse Agent Used as a final rinse or mist on, Fab Set restores carpet fibers to a proper pH level! Other Feature... CR12GL - (more info)
4+ 17.53 gl
16+ 15.58 gl
144+ 13.64 gl

Zone Perfect 1674-2619
Ultra-Concentrated Carpet Prespray

Zone Perfect is a very robust prespray. This best-selling, Bridgepoint prespray is a special blend of surfactants, and is packed with soil busting, grease ... CC02GL - (more info)
4+ 37.19 gl
16+ 33.06 gl
144+ 28.92 gl

TWBS 2-Gallon Pump Up Sprayer 1649-2819

"The World's BEST Sprayer" 1. Clip for wand is now molded into lid (increased durability) 2. Pressure relief valve can be turned and locked open/closed ... AS202 - (more info)

Boost All 1688-2122
pH Boosting Agent

Boost All has alkaline builders and color safe oxygen bleach to add to your carpet and upholstery solutions to boost cleaning effectiveness and brighten th... CR16A - (more info)
12+ 17.27 ea
48+ 15.35 ea
528+ 13.43 ea

*HAZMAT, ORM-D, or Limited Quantity Item

Handi Groom

Handi Groom This all-purpose hand held groomer is for stairs, automobile carpet, fringes on orientals and many other uses. The special "Spatula" on the h... AB20 - (more info)
12+ 10.73 ea
48+ 9.90 ea
96+ 9.42 ea

Carpet Brush By Grandi Groom - 18 In. A56551

Grandi Groom Carpet Brush This carpet brush is used by more professional carpet cleaners than any other! The Grandi Brush is a versatile tool that can be... AB28 - (more info)
12+ 27.29 ea
48+ 24.77 ea
96+ 22.60 ea

Coffee Stain Remover 1682-2227
Removes Old Set Stains/Fresh Spills

Formulated to remove coffee stains, no matter how old and set in. Simply dilute with hot water and spray directly on the stain. Most stains begin to disapp... CS16B - (more info)
12+ 19.59 ea
48+ 17.42 ea
528+ 15.24 ea

Fabric Shampoo 1688-2716
Expert Upholstery Cleaning Formula

Fabric Shampoo revitalizes and brightens nylon, acrylic, cotton, wool and many other fiber types. It provides maximum safety from shrinking, color bleeding... CU61GL - (more info)
4+ 24.91 gl
16+ 22.14 gl
144+ 19.38 gl

Wool Perfect 1682-2811
Rug and Fabric Preconditioner

Features of Wool Perfect are: Extremely Concentrated - Dilutions from 1 - 16 to 1 - 32 Balanced - Blend of various types of cleaning agents to work on ... CW15GL - (more info)
4+ 40.27 gl
16+ 35.79 gl
144+ 31.32 gl

Wool Medic 1684-2813
Dye Stabilizer & Urine Release

WOOL MEDIC provides the professional cleaner with a multi-purpose wool rug product. Its acidic formulation helps to set stains and prevent bleeding while p... CW17GL - (more info)
4+ 29.03 gl
16+ 25.81 gl
144+ 22.58 gl

Spotting Brush Plastic White Nylon Bristles

White Plastic Spotting Brush White Nylon Bristles... AB85 - (more info)

8 Ounce Measuring Cup

Stop the "Glug, Glug" method of measuring chemicals. Each cup is calibrated for exact measuring. Don't guess or make a mess, use the right tool and quit wa... AX24 - (more info)

Fiber Plus 1682-2025
Perfect for Wool Carpets/Oriental Rugs

If you're looking for one emulsifier that's strong enough for carpet but safe enough for upholstery, this is it! It has a low pH so it can be used on virtu... CC10A - (more info)
4+ 40.63 ea
16+ 36.11 ea
144+ 31.60 ea

Maxim Advanced For Wool 1681-2214
Rug and Carpet Protector

Features of Maxim Advanced for Wool: Starts with Maxim Advanced Base Formula - modified with additional ingredients to assist penetration into fiber and... CP10GL - (more info)
4+ 56.51 gl
16+ 50.23 gl
144+ 43.95 gl

Dye-Loc 1627-1203
No Bleed Rinse

Dye-Loc is a water-based fixing agent for direct and reactive dyes. It significantly improves both washfastness and crockfastness of dyed cellulosic and pr... CR14GL - (more info)
4+ 71.99 gl
16+ 63.99 gl
144+ 55.99 gl

No Bleed Rinse

This unique, patented formula prevents color bleeding in multi-colored carpet or fabric. For fabrics that bleed instantly, prespray with Dye-Loc before beg... CR14QT - (more info)
12+ 25.88 ea
48+ 23.00 ea
528+ 20.13 ea

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