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Avenge Fabric Prespray 1685-2713
Liquid Preconditioner for Fine Fabrics

Designed specifically for upholstery fabrics, Avenge Fabric Prespray can be used on fine natural fabrics or the filthy synthetics that plague professionals... CU20GL - (more info)
4+ 23.01 gl
16+ 20.46 gl
144+ 17.90 gl

Anti-Allergen PreSpray

Anti-Allergen Prespray is a water based, hypo-allergenic carpet and upholstery pre-spray derived from renewable plant source surfactants. It is environment... CG52GL - (more info)
4+ 60.45 gl

Avenge Clean Rinse 1686-2714
Neutral Extraction Emulsifier

Designed to work with the two Avenge Preconditioners, this rinse contains detergency of its own. It's formulated to rinse away soil and chemical residue th... CU24GL - (more info)
4+ 24.42 gl
16+ 21.70 gl
144+ 18.99 gl

Intercept Micro Filter 10-Pack (Fits LineVacer Vac) A53004

Every ProTeam vacuum collects at least 99.9% of indoor pollutants 1 micron or larger. Such extraordinary capture rates are the result of years of engineeri... PPR100291 - (more info)

Hydro-Kinetic Upholstery Cleaning Tool

Hydro-Kinetic™ Upholstery Cleaning Tool The most innovative upholstery cleaning tool ever developed! The Hydro-Kinetic Upholstery Tool remains the ... AW58 - (more info)

Anti-Allergen Deodorizer 1652-2221
Oxidizing Odor Counteractant

Anti-Allergen Deodorizer is an outstanding deodorizer for mattresses or other odor problems on carpet and upholstery for people with allergies, chemical se... CG50GL - (more info)
4+ 42.12 gl

Anti-Allergen All Fiber Rinse 1664-1716

Anti-Allergen All Fiber Rinse removes soils and any detergent residues, even from prior cleanings. Unlike many green cleaners, All Fiber Rinse is alkaline ... CG56GL - (more info)
4+ 29.97 ea

Anti-Allergy Relief Treatment 1655-2224

Allergy Relief Treatment is a water-based, hypo-allergenic solution that contains a powerful active ingredient derived from naturally occurring extracts fo... CG58GL - (more info)
4+ 64.65 gl

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