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20" Square Scrub Carpet Bonnet

20" Square Scrub Carpet BonnetCombined with our carpet encapsulation chemical, the Carpet Bonnet deep cleans even the highest-traffic carpeting. Quicker dr... AFP112 - (more info)


20" Square Scrub Maroon SQP Pad Case of 10 The SQP pad is a thin pad designed to remove several layers of acrylic finish to prep for recoating. Use dry o... AFP100 - (more info)

Tile & Grout Pad

20" Square Scrub Tile and Grout Pad Our Tile and Grout pad is best on grouted tile floors, but can be used very effectively on terrazzo, poured concrete a... AFP103 - (more info)

20" Square Scrub Red Driver Pad - Case of 5

20" Square Scrub Red Driver PadCase of 5The light duty Red Driver Pad gives best results in a light cleaning and buffing situation. Primarily used as a spa... AFP106 - (more info)

Abrader Plate

20" Square Scrub Abrader Plate Carbide Tungsten steel abrader tool. Designed for heavy duty use, including removing linoleum, glue or paint on concrete. U... AFP109 - (more info)

SHO Wet Strip Pad

20" Square Scrub SHO Wet Strip Pad Case of 5 The SHO pad should be used only for the heaviest of chemical stripping jobs. Extremely abrasive and heavy, d... AFP115 - (more info)

Enhancer Pad

20" Square Scrub SSE Pad Case of 5 The SSE (Enhancer pad) is designed exclusively for Square Scrub to be used as restorative pad used with Square Shine F... AFP118 - (more info)

White Driver Pad

20" Square Scrub White Driver Pad Case of 10 The White Driver Pad to provide a spacer between your sandpaper and the machine. Just1/4" thick, always use ... AFP124 - (more info)

Polishing & Buffing

20" Square Scrub White Polishing and Buffing Pad Case of 5 Used for polishing and buffing.... AFP130 - (more info)

Scrub Brush

20" Square Scrub - Scrub Brush Use our Scrub Brush to get down deep in grount or remove stubborn stains on concrete. The center white pad is attached by i... AFP133 - (more info)

Scrub 6000

20" Square Scrub Dia Pad - 6000  ... AFP151 - (more info)

20 In. Square Scrub Floor Machine

20" Square Scrub Floor Machine The EBG-20/C Surface Preparation Machine features a smooth 3450 rpm motor, 50-foot 14 gauge power cord with lighted hospita... MH70 - (more info)

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