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Gekko SX-15 Tool 1666-2443

BUILT FOR SPEED The industry's most advanced tile cleaning tool, the SX-15, just got slimmer. The Gekko SX-15 attaches an SX-15 head to a Gekko wand to cr... AR51S - (more info)

Hydro-Force SX-15 Hard Surface Cleaning Tool 1603-1801

  Hydro-Force™ SX-15™ Hard Surface Cleaning Tool BUILT FOR SPEED   Leave the competition behind! Make quick work out of any job w... AW105 - (more info)


Stone Pro, Granite Countertop Clean, Seal and Polish Kit
Granite Polishing All-In-One Kit

Eliminate the guesswork with this all-in-one kit. The Stone Pro Granite Countertop Kit contains everything needed to deep clean, polish and protect gr... 1626-8120 - (more info)

SX-7 Hide-A-Hose Assembly

SX-7 This hide-a-hose whip assembly is used with the SX-7 (AR51G) when cleaning countertops, shower walls or other handheld work. Includes Safe Connec... AH180 - (more info)


Gekko Wand No Head 1693-1267

Gekko Wand No Head The Gekko Wand is the heart of the Gekko system. The wand attaches to any of the new Gekko or SX-7 tools using a threaded collar. Stain... AR51A - (more info)


4" Gekko Edge, Corner And Coving Head 1623-2047

4" Gekko Edge, Corner and Coving Head Now there's no need to get on your hands and knees to clean the edges and corners that spinner tools miss. The Gekko... AR51C - (more info)

4" Gekko Head 1694-1268

4" Gekko Head The 4" Gekko Head is designed for serious grout cleaning when a spinner tool just won't cut it. The Gekko Head uses a concentrated jet to bl... AR51D - (more info)


Gekko Squeegee Head 1609-1579

14" Gekko Squeegee Head The Squeegee Tool is ideal for surfaces that need high-pressure cleaning and instantaneous dry times. New for the Squeegee Head ar... AR51E - (more info)


Gekko SX-7 1688-1777

Gekko SX-7 Head Only The updated design for the Gekko SX-7 head hardsurface cleaning tool expands on the versatility of the original by combining two... AR51G - (more info)


14 Inch Gekko Brush Head 1601-1672

14 Gekko Brush Head The brush head is ideal for surfaces that need extra brush agitation in addition to high pressure cleaning. The unique housing design ... AR51H - (more info)


Wet Vacuum Tool Squeegee Blade 1620-2044

14" Gekko Wet Vacuum Squeegee Head The Wet Vac Squeegee head is ideal for surfaces that need maximum water removal. The squeegee blades permit exceptional... AR51V - (more info)

Gekko Wet Vacuum Wand 1629-2043

Gekko Wet Vacuum Wand The Gekko Wet Vac Wand attaches to the AR51V Gekko Wet Vacuum Squeegee and is used for water extraction on hard surfaces. The AR51X ... AR51X - (more info)

4" Gekko Hand Tool 1621-2045

4" Gekko Hand Tool The 4" Hand Tool is the perfect tool for quick cleaning in tight spaces. This handheld version of the AR51D is used for cleaning the g... AR53 - (more info)


Gum Blaster Wand

Now it's truly fast and easy to remove gum with GUM BLASTER! Equipped with a 1,000 psi stainless steel valve, this stainless steel tool is designed to work... AW08 - (more info)

4 Inch Gekko Hard Boot Replacement (plastic Only) 1625-2049

4 Gekko Hard Boot Replacement (plastic only) This plastic hard boot is a replacement for the 4 Gekko heads, AR51D and AR53. This is for replacement of the... AW17A - (more info)

Gekko Corner Tool Plastic Head Replacement 1624-2048

Gekko Corner Tool Plastic Head Replacement Replacement plastic corner head for AR51C... AW17C - (more info)

Gekko Corner Tool Slide Cover

Gekko Corner Tool Slide CoverReplacement slide cover for AR51C... AW17D - (more info)

Wet Vacuum Tool 1673-4067

14" Gekko Wet Vacuum Tool Prevent premature age of your carpet wand by using a tool designed specifically for water extraction on hard surfaces. The squee... AX10X - (more info)

Olympus 1200PSI Portable, Hybrid Vac 1665-4865

HydroForce Olympus 1200 -- For Tile & Grout The HydroForce Olympus 1200 comes with auto fill and auto dump features already added. It also includes a ... M1200 - (more info)

Brush Pro 10" Brush Machine 1637-2219
10" Industrial Counter Rotating Brush Machine

Brush Pro™ Hydro-Force™ Industrial Counter Rotating Brush Machine You've got a job to do; you don't have the time or energy to baby a fragile... MH10 - (more info)

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