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Water Claw Flood Tool With Injectors 1642-3636
Water Claw with Flushing Action

Water Claw Flood Extractor - with Injectors The Water Claw tool introduced water damage restoration professionals to a tool specially designed to extract ... AC016INJ - (more info)

Injectimate 1690-0490

Injectimate Use the Injectimate wherever sub-surface injection of chemicals is needed. It will replace the carpet syringe, as it can be used in urine deco... AC13 - (more info)

Vaportek Restorator A28831

The Restorator is an ideal unit for odor treatment in vehicles and areas up to 20,000 cu. ft. Just load the compact machine with an industrial odor neutral... AR38 - (more info)

Vaportek Portable Industrial Unit A29476

This lightweight unit is designed for treating large areas. It holds up to 10 odor-neutralizing industrial membranes and treats areas up to 200,000 cu. ft.... AR42 - (more info)

Vaportek Vaporshark Odor Removal Machine A28560

This versatile machine is ideal for use in small to medium areas. Treats up to 50,000 cubic feet. Uses up to 5 VaporSHARK membranes. 1 for small jobs or 5 ... AR49 - (more info)

Sonozaire Ozone Generator - 115A 55341

Ozone Generator Converts smoke odors into harmless, odorless CO2 & water vapor. Odors from smoke damaged carpets, etc. are banished forever. Then, the... AS34 - (more info)

Sonozaire Ozone Generator - 330A 55342

USES: Ozone Generator FEATURES/BENEFITS: Converts smoke odors into harmless, odorless CO2 & water vapor. Odors from smoke damaged carpets, etc. are ba... AS35 - (more info)

Sonozaire Ozone Generator - 5G A41180

Sonozaire Odor Neutralizers -- Model 5G Sonozaire units are built from heavy-duty aluminum construction. They have proven effective for treating odors in ... AS37 - (more info)

Fogger Golden Eagle 1691-0287

The Golden Eagle is the ultimate tool for the professional restorer. With a truly dry fog, it breaks down the solvent deodorizer to as small as .5-micron &... AS39 - (more info)

Electric Hot Fogger

This product has an updated manual. Product owners should replace the old manual with this version. USES: Electric Hot Fogger FEATURES/BENEFITS: This versa... AS42 - (more info)

Total Zone TZ-2 Ozone Generator

Natural Odor Removal & Air Purification With Activated Oxygen Total Zone ozone generators are the most modern, technically advanced systems on the mar... AS43 - (more info)

Hydroxyl Maximizer for Titan Generator

Titan Hydroxyl Maximizer uses cold vapor ultra-sonic technology to produce water vapor or humidity that can be introduced to a hydroxyl Generator. The hyd... AS47M - (more info)

Carpet Injector Needle For As75/as76 Flexipro Sprayer 1622-2616

Carpet Pad Deodorization To fully eliminate odors go to where they live. This injector assembly attaches to Flexi Pro and other power sprayers to easily r... AS75INJ - (more info)

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