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CX-15 Carpet Cleaning Tool 1608-2048
Rotary Cleaning Tool

BETTER CLEANING Tool head traps heat for hotter cleaning. Rotary jets clean fibers from all sides. And 4,000 cleaning passes per minute blast dirt away. ... AW115 - (more info)

Water Claw Flood Tool With Injectors 1642-3636
Water Claw with Flushing Action

Water Claw Flood Extractor - with Injectors The Water Claw tool introduced water damage restoration professionals to a tool specially designed to extract ... AC016INJ - (more info)

Hydro-Force Titanium Wand 1685-2980
15" Head, 5 Jets

Hydro-Force Titanium Wand -- If it's got to be light and strong, it's got to be titanium! Weighing in at less than 9 lbs, this 2" heavy-duty truckmount wa... AW79 - (more info)

Soft Touch Valve - Brass, 1200 PSI 1627-0771

Brass Soft Touch Valve -- No More Tired Hands With This Soft Touch Valve This is the "soft opening" control valve for wands. It makes your wand easier to ... AW791 - (more info)

Carpet Wand 1683-0123

This popular wand is now available to work with high or low pressure and high temperature. This precision, all-stainless wand has extra length which means ... AW29 - (more info)

Prochem Long Stair Tool

The Prochem Dual-Jet Long Stair Tool is one of the best quality, easy-to-use stair tools on the market. This tool is cast-constructed of high grade stainle... AW39 - (more info)

Short Handle Stair Tool

This heavy duty 6" wide stair tool is the perfect tool for cleaning stairs or getting upholstery done quickly. Specifications All stainless steel includ... AW47 - (more info)

Hydro-Glide Wand Glide - Pom (fits AW29) 1661-2311

POM Hydro-Glide for AW29, Stainless Steel 2 Jet Wand What is a Wand Glide? A carpet wand glide is commonly made out of a machined bar of PTFE or POM. Thi... AW529D - (more info)

Hydro-Glide Wand Glide - PTFE (fits Aw29) 1662-2312

PTFE Hydro-Glide for AW29, Stainless Steel 2 Jet Wand What is a Wand Glide? A carpet wand glide is commonly made out of a machined bar of PTFE or POM. Th... AW529T - (more info)

1.5" Wand Handle 1632-1527

Wand Handle Assembly - 1 " Fits any 1 " - 2" wand. It gives a comfortable firm, grip to any wand and is adjustable for operator comfort.... AW67 - (more info)

Crevice Tool

The cleaning accessory that no cleaning professional should be without. This 14" metal crevice tool reaches those places where your wand won't. Great for c... AW72 - (more info)

Soft Touch Valve - Stainless Steel, 1500 PSI 1680-0993

Stainless Steel Soft Touch Valve: No More Tired Hands With This Soft Touch Valve! This is the "soft opening" control valve for wands. It makes your wand e... AW792 - (more info)

Soft Touch Valve Adapter for Prochem

This makes the AW791 (brass) or AW792 (stainless steel) soft touch valves fit Prochem wands.... AW793 - (more info)

Soft Touch Valve Repair Kit 1665-0071

Repair kit for AW791 (brass) and AW792 (stainless steel) soft tough wand valves.... AW794 - (more info)

Evolution 1.5" Portable Wand 1610-2028

Evolution Carpet Wand -- We take carpet wand design to the next level with the Evolution. The Evolution carpet wand is light, durable, and more efficient ... AW97 - (more info)

Hydramaster Evolution Stair Wand with 10" Head 1684-7749

The Evolution Stair Wand was designed to smooth airflow and boost water recovery performance. A rotationally molded head and aircraft aluminum tube make th... 1684-7749 - (more info)

LineVacer Wand and Turbo Tool

LineVacer Wand and Turbo Tool ("Beater Bar") Helps Meet New EPA Lead Removal Requirements The EPA now requires the use of a "beater bar" to assist in lea... AV62BB - (more info)

Gum Blaster Wand

Now it's truly fast and easy to remove gum with GUM BLASTER! Equipped with a 1,000 psi stainless steel valve, this stainless steel tool is designed to work... AW08 - (more info)

Long Handle Swivel Head Stair Tool

Makes it easy to clean the riser, curves, and tight places. A must for cleaning stairs! All These Benefits: Very Comfortable Single Jet 32" Long 9.5"... AW20S - (more info)

High-Pressure Quad Jet Wand 1684-2320

This premium heavy-duty wand fits 2" hose and has an 11" cast head. The cast head of this stainless steel wand prevents "wand whistle" while giving years o... AW24 - (more info)

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