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Fabric Shampoo 1688-2716
Expert Upholstery Cleaning Formula

Fabric Shampoo revitalizes and brightens nylon, acrylic, cotton, wool and many other fiber types. It provides maximum safety from shrinking, color bleeding... CU61GL - (more info)
4+ 24.91 gl
16+ 22.14 gl
144+ 19.38 gl

Wool Perfect 1682-2811
Rug and Fabric Preconditioner

Features of Wool Perfect are: Extremely Concentrated - Dilutions from 1 - 16 to 1 - 32 Balanced - Blend of various types of cleaning agents to work on ... CW15GL - (more info)
4+ 40.27 gl
16+ 35.79 gl
144+ 31.32 gl

Wool Medic
Dye Stabilizer & Urine Release

WOOL MEDIC provides the professional cleaner with a multi-purpose wool rug product. Its acidic formulation helps to set stains and prevent bleeding while p... CW17GL - (more info)
4+ 29.03 gl
16+ 25.81 gl
144+ 22.58 gl

Maxim Advanced for Wool
Rug and Carpet Protector

Features of Maxim Advanced for Wool: Starts with Maxim Advanced Base Formula - modified with additional ingredients to assist penetration into fiber and... CP10GL - (more info)
4+ 56.51 gl
16+ 50.23 gl
144+ 43.95 gl

No Bleed Rinse

Dye-Loc is a water-based fixing agent for direct and reactive dyes. It significantly improves both washfastness and crockfastness of dyed cellulosic and pr... CR14GL - (more info)
4+ 71.99 gl
16+ 63.99 gl
144+ 55.99 gl

No Bleed Rinse

This unique, patented formula prevents color bleeding in multi-colored carpet or fabric. For fabrics that bleed instantly, prespray with Dye-Loc before beg... CR14QT - (more info)
12+ 25.88 ea
48+ 23.00 ea
528+ 20.13 ea

Pro's Choice Red Relief for Wool

Red Relief for Wool constitutes a safer approach to attempt dye stain removal from wool at the customer's risk and consent. * Special shipping requirement... CS14W - (more info)
6+ 22.89 ea
24+ 21.68 ea

Pro's Choice Stain Magic for Wool

Constitutes a safer approach to attempt organic stain removal from wool at the customer's risk and consent. * Special shipping requirements apply Dilution... CS15W - (more info)
6+ 22.89 ea
24+ 21.68 ea

OxyBuff Cotton Shampoo
Cotton Upholstery/Fringe Cleaner

OXYBUFF is a pH neutralized, powdered oxygen bleach product formulated with a blend of surfactants, which maximize foam. This formula is ideal for cleaning... CU62A - (more info)
4+ 65.48 gl
16+ 58.21 gl
144+ 50.93 gl

Prochem Fine Fabric Prespray

Now a concentrated pre-spray made especially for the wool and fine fabrics found in the upholstery industry. Approved by the WoolSafe organization as safe ... CU79GL - (more info)
Quantity discounts available.

Prochem Fine Fabric Detergent

All the strength of a synthetic detergent now made for Wool and natural fabrics. Approved by WoolSafe organization as safe on wool fabrics. Dilution Ratios... CU80GL - (more info)
Quantity discounts available.

Wool Zone
Extraction Emulsifier and Neutralizer

Features of Wool Zone are:Unique - uses proprietary acidic rinse agent that has been used to scour raw wool in the early stages of wool processingLimits Re... CW16GL - (more info)
4+ 29.03 gl
16+ 25.81 gl
144+ 22.58 gl

Rug Restorer
Odor Control for Rugs, 1 gallon

Wool and silk area rugs have been notoriously difficult to treat for pet urine. In the past, even repeated treatments with high quality enzyme products hav... 1626-3941 - (more info)
4+ 25.12 gl
16+ 23.80 gl

Acid-Neutralizing Rinse

RinseOutRug, Fine Fabric & Textile Acid-Neutralizing Rinse/TreatmentRinseOut is a specially formulated neutralizing, detergent free acid rinse for the ... CR91GL - (more info)
4+ 17.78 ea
16+ 15.80 ea

Prochem Fine Fabric Cotton Shampoo

A one-step product designed for use on Haitian Cotton. It cleans effectively and helps inhibit browning and dye bleeding. Dilution Ratios: 32 oz./gal. ... CU71GL - (more info)
Quantity discounts available.

Rug and Fabric Prespray

WoolmasterRug and Fabric PresprayCleanMaster is pleased to provide you with a preconditioner/prespray specifically formulated to safely and effectively cle... CU84GL - (more info)
4+ 34.43 ea
16+ 30.60 ea

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