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Leather Kit

All the Hydro-Force Leather products you ll need to start cleaning leather. Products held in a four gallon container for easy to use, on the job transporta... CL03H - (more info)

Nubuck Cloth 1/Bag

For easy cleaning of most soiling on nubuck leathers. Cloths will remove dark and shiny areas as well as return flat areas to the original look and feel. S... ALM01A - (more info)

Soft Cloths Leather Treatment

This lint-free cloth is used for applying all creams, finishes, colors and some spotters.For use with Protected Leather and Aniline Leather... ALM02 - (more info)

General Purpose Sponge

These general use sponges are great for applying all creams, finishes, colors and some spotters. Approximately 2" 2" 5 ". CLEANING ACCESSORY... AU29 - (more info)

Prochem Leather Cleaner

Effectively and gently cleans leather.Features:Mild cleaning agents, mild pH.Cleans leather thoroughly before conditioning. Used with CL03QT Leather Condit... CL01QT - (more info)
Quantity discounts available.

Ink Lifter

An easy-to-use product for the removal of ink and lipstick from protected leathers. It works best when used with our system of Protection Cream CL044 on th... CL028 - (more info)

Leather Protection & Cleaner Kit

With regular use of the Leather Master Car Leather Protection & Cleaner Kit, leather will retain its original appearance and soft texture. This kit brings ... CL035 - (more info)

Prochem Leather Conditioner

Fine oils and conditioning agents keep leather soft and supple.Features:Nourishes and rejuvenates, no greasy residue.Helps to condition and protect leather... CL03QT - (more info)
Quantity discounts available.

Strong Cleaner
Leather Cleaner

A unique water-based cleaner that can be used on all leather types. Loaded with active ingredients and carried in a foam base for maximum cleaning, withou... CL074 - (more info)

Professional Leather Cleaner

For Protected (Top Coated) and Aniline Leather Hydro-Force Professional Leather Cleaner is specially formulated to deep clean even the most stubborn dirt, ... CL200QT - (more info)
4+ 17.42 qt

Professional Leather Revitalizer

For Protected (Top Coated) and Aniline LeatherPreserves, Replenishes and Revitalizes Fine LeatherHydro-Force Professional Leather Revitalizer protects leat... CL205QT - (more info)
4+ 20.36 qt

Professional Leather Protector

For Protected (Top Coated) and Aniline LeatherProtects Fine Leather from Common Household Food and Beverage SpillsHydro-Force Professional Leather Protecto... CL210QT - (more info)
4+ 26.77 qt

Universal Cleaner
Leather Cleaner

Universal Cleaner contains a highly effective detergent for cleaning leather upholstery like car, motorcycle, boat and airplane seats. It can also be used ... CL016 - (more info)

Rapid Cleaner S
Leather Cleaner

Rapid Cleaner S is a concentrated cleaner for resistant upholstery leather, especially car seats, airline seats, motorcycle seats or other pigmented leathe... CL018 - (more info)

New Leather Degreaser

Hair and skin leave oil on leather. Leather Degreaser dissolves these and other oils and transfers them to powder more absorbent than the leather. Areas wi... CL020 - (more info)

NuBuch Eco-Protector

This water-based product designed for nubuck or highly sensitive leathers. It will provide oil-water-alcohol protection on Nubuck leathers. This product ha... CL022 - (more info)

Leather Vital

For revitalizing and softening old and stiff leathers. It penetrates deep to soften and nourish the leather. Use it before dyeing to improve dye acceptance... CL032 - (more info)

Leather Vital

For revitalizing and softening old and stiff leathers. It penetrates deep to soften and nourish the leather. Use it before dyeing to improve dye acceptance... CL033 - (more info)

Nubuck Cleaning Kit

Leather Master Nubuck Cleaning Kit contains everything you need to clean most stains and soiling from nubuck leathers. Leather Master Nubuck Cleaner is a w... CL036 - (more info)

Nubuck Foaming Cleaner

This adaptation of Strong Cleaner provides another option for you to clean color and moisture sensitive leathers. The foam limits the water absorbed into t... CL038 - (more info)

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