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Jan 2016


Nov 2015

Carpet Fibers - Triexta

Aug 2015

Carpet Fibers - Olefin

July 2015

Carpet Fibers - Polyester

June 2015

Carpet Fibers - Nylon

May 2015

Popularity of Carpet and Carpet Fibers

April 2015

The Challenge: I Take On My Boss In An Effort To Simplify Dealing With Pet Urine

March 2015

The Challenge: There Are More Hard Surface Floors, Are You Cleaning Them?

February 2015

The Challenge: What Do You Need in Your Spotting Kit

January 2015

The Challenge: Understanding the Practical Use of Disinfectants

December 2014

Holiday Cleaning

November 2014

Has the Polar Vortex Frozen Carpet Cleaning in its Tracks?

October 2014

Attention Rug Washers: "The Single Best Marketing Idea Ever"

September 2014

The Challenge: Cleaning Commercial Carpet Tiles - Wicking

August 2014

The Challenge: Obnoxious Smells & Sickening Fumes from Tile Cleaning Products

July 2014

Cleaning corners, edges and other time thieves

June 2014

How Many Protectors Should I Carry?

May 2014

The Challenge: Will this commercial carpet look as good tomorrow as when I finish cleaning tonight?

April 2014

A Key to Reach New Markets and New Clients?

March 2014

Killer Targets Carpet Cleaners

February 2014

Should I Care About Green Cleaning?

January 2014

The Challenge: Are Your Powders Consistent?

December 2013

The Challenge: Rug Cleaning to Fit Your Market

November 2013

The Challenge: Making and Keeping Our Indoor Environments Safer

October 2013

The Challenge: Pet Urine Odor Removal

September 2013

The Challenge: Cleaning Sisal, Sea Grass and Other Exotic Fibers A Case Study

June 2013

Your Wood Floor Cleaning Questions Answered

May 2013

The Challenge: Can you clean rugs without spending thousands for a rug washing plant?

April 2013

Spring and Summer Stain

February 2013

Spots, Stains and Discolorations

January 2013

More On The Subject Of Deodorizers

November 2012

The Problem: What Can I Do about White Haze After Cleaning Tile?

October 2012

The Problem: Should I Include a Fragrance When Cleaning?

July 2012

Odors and Fragrances

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