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Optimum 4000/Restorator Cartridges - Forest Scent

Item No. AR48E

Vaportek Cartridges - Forest Scent Fits Restorator and Optimum 4000. Good for 270 hours usage. AR39 - Vaportek 3X Industrial Cartridge - Neutral Scent AR39S - Vaportek SOS Cartridge - Smoke Odor Solutions AR48A - Vaportek Cartridge - Neutral Scent AR48B - Vaportek Cartridge - Berry Scent AR48C - Vaportek Cartridge - Lemon Scent AR48D - Vaportek Cartridge - Orchard Scent AR48E - Vaportek Cartridge - Forest Scent AR48F - Vaportek Cartridge - Cinnamon Scent AR48G - Vaportek Cartridge - Lavender Scent


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