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Truck Mount Forums - Customizable Video Collection 1665-2745
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Item No. LTMF100

Customizable Cleaning Video Collection

Video customization may take up to 5 business days

*You will need to provide your company logo and phone number after completing your purchase.

These videos give a complete breakdown of specific aspects in the floor care industry. With your purchase, we will remove our name from the videos and insert your company name and logo. This will allow you to put the videos on your website or use them for other marketing or training purposes.

Contains the following videos: LTMF101 - Customizable Carpet Cleaning Video LTMF102 - Customizable Upholstery Cleaning Video LTMF103 - Customizable Tile Cleaning Video LTMF104 - Customizable Vehicle Cleaning Video LTMF105 - Customizable Urine Removal Video LTMF106 - Customizable Rug Cleaning Video


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