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his is one of the secrets of selling Maxim Advanced Protector - The Maxim Advanced WarrantyHere's whatthe warranty promises:
If the customer has a spot that they can't clean out with Bridgepoint Home Pro Spot Remover, then you promise to go to their home and clean the spot free of charge.

Here's the power of the warranty:

  • Dramatically increases up-front profits
  • Our studies have shown that less than 5% of customers ever call for a warranty return.
  • Helps you to earn customers for life
  • Sells additional services to that customer year after year
  • On the occasions when we had a warranty return we also sold extra services.

Use the two documents below to learn how to sell Maxim Advanced with the Warranty.
You will be surprised at how much protector you can sell!

*Sold in packets of 50. When checking out, please order 50 at a time.

Learn to Sell Maxim Advanced Carpet Protector
and make MORE MONEY!

To download these Free resources, right-click the links
below and save the files to your computer.
Selling Maxim Advanced How to Make Maxim Advanced
Your Advantage

Two More Resources to Help You
Sell More Maxim Advanced

Maxim Advanced
Sales Brochure

Let the brochure do most of the work for you while you finish cleaning the carpet. Then you do a live demo of Maxim Advanced, and ask for the sale.
(As described in the training documents above.)


Maxim Advanced
After Care Brochure

Increase your up-front profits, build customers for life, give the customers something tangible along with a great promise of service after the sale.



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