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Maxim Advanced - Demonstration Kit For Cleaners 1646-1319

Item No. AC008

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a demo is worth a million!

This handy demo kit makes it even easier to sell the world's most advanced carpet protector, Maxim Advanced from Bridgepoint Systems. You'll show your clients how Maxim Advanced gives their carpets the best stain protection and show the difference between unprotected carpet fibers and those protected with Maxim Advanced. It also includes an information brochures to help her decide, aftercare brochures, and the clincher: warranty cards. With your promise to come back to clean spots free of charge, the warranty is a huge part of selling protector.

The kit includes:

  • Travel Bag
  • Red Dye (Kool-Aid) - in quart bottle
  • 1.75" Maxim Advanced Treated Carpet Squares
  • 1.75" Untreated Carpet Squares
  • Maxim Advanced Protector Warranty Cards
  • Maxim Advanced Sales Brochures
  • Congratulations, Aftercare Brochure
Learn to Sell Maxim Advanced Carpet Protector
and make MORE MONEY!

To download these Free resources, right-click the links
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Selling Maxim Advanced How to Make Maxim Advanced
Your Advantage

Two More Resources to Help You
Sell More Maxim Advanced
Maxim Advanced
Sales Brochure

Let the brochure do most of the work for you while you finish cleaning the carpet. Then you do a live demo of Maxim Advanced, and ask for the sale.
(As described in the training documnts above.)

Maxim Advanced
Warranty Cards

Increase your up-front profits, build customers for life, give the customers something tangible along with a great promise of service after the sale.


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